x7   153


x500 PvP

Server Settings: 
-Exp x500
-SP x500
-Adena x500
-Global GK
-Full NPC Buffer Feline/Unicorn, Malaria, Resists etc.
-GM/s up to S grade

-Max +16
-Safe +4
-Chance 60%

Now Server is Disabled, but will be come back in Seazon 2!
We dont know next season start date yet.

x7 Emi

Exp - x7
SP - x7
Party Exp - x1.3
Adena - x5
Drop - x4
Spoil - x4
Drop Seal Stones - x4
Quest Reward - x1
Quest Item Drop - x2
Raid Boss Drop - x1
Raid Boss Drop Chance - x3
Epic Boss Drop - x1

Safe +3
Max +16
Chance 60%

General settings:
-Free teleports up to 40lv
-Low B Grade Weapons, Armor and Jewelry in Luxury
-Buff time: WC / EE / SE / OL / PP - 20 min (Retail), Dance / Songs / Summon buffs 4min
-20 buffs slots +4 Divine Inspiration
-1st and 2nd Class Quest or Marks to be purchased in the Luxury for adena, 3rd Class Quest to be done normaly
-.Menu - Repair, Password change, PM on / off, Trade on / off, Bind IP, Auto HP / CP.
-Light boost for Core Ring and Orfen Earing.
-Decreased drop of SpellBooks about -30%.
-In the first two weeks Zariche and Akamanah weapons will be disabled.
-Olimpiad will start a month after server startup.
-First siege two weeks after server startup.
-The quest for the subclass will be slightly modified, it will be possible to kill baium or get 30 fabricks .
-All Epic Bosses will have fixed respawn time + random time.
-IP lock on the Olympiad, 1 IP = 1 Character.
-Unlimited Offlineshop.
-Number of active accounts per HWID 1 + 2
-LS, GC, Enchants stackable
-Anty-Bot, Anti-Cheat - L2s-Guard Protection
-Additional Bot Report on the site, GMs will receive notifications about your report
-Web Statistics: Top 50 PvP, Top 50 PK, Castle Owners.
-Own Drop Calculator on the site, will be based on our Drop / Spoil Database.
-Server location: France, Strasbourg.

Newbie Buffer:
From 6 lvl to 61 lvl, (All Buffs with maximum lvl)
Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration.
Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration.

Boss Respawn:
-All Raid Bosses 24h +12h Random
-Subclass Raid Bosses 12h +6h Random
-Queen Ant 2 days - 18:00 +2h random
-Core 2 days - 17:00 +2h random
-Orfen 2 days - 21:00 +2h random
-Frintezza 2 days - 22:00 +2h random
-Zaken 3 days - 19:00 +2h random
-Baium 5 days - 18:00 +2h random
-Antharas 8 days - 18:00 +2h random
-Valakas 11 days - 19:00 +2h random
[The date of the next respawn will be displayed on the page without exact hour]


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